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Reviews (56)

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Reviews (56)
  • Mr****J 
    I got the shoes today. I was very happy. I tried to upload pictures many times, but I don’t know why I can’t upload them. What I want to say is that the shoes are very good. I got them for only 5 days and the service is very good. Trusted website
  • Mi****es
    As I remember from all those years ago. No breaking in. Comfortable and sturdy from the start. So glad I took the plunge and bought a pair again. Stylish, functional and comfortable.
  • Lu****ti
    As usual, you have to break your newwaveboots in. These look great
  • Lo****er
    Ich war immer von der Qualität von newwaveboots begeistert und wurde nicht enttäuscht.
  • S****h
    Arrivate con due giorni di anticipo rispetto alla data prevista. Le scarpe sono originali e perfette. Ho preso un 37 ma questo modello è come se fosse un 37,5
  • J****a
    5.0 out of 5 stars
  • m****e
    So.. my first NEWWAVEBOOTS ever.. and they are just awesome !!! NEWWAVEBOOTS store anticipate the delivery by one day and this was great!!They fit perfect ( a little rigid but I read that this will in a while disappear ) and they arrive with the yellow lace ( and this was a nice surprise due to the fact that I read in the comments that someone has not received it ) !!
  • Ja****ke
  • P****y
    Erstaunliche Qualität, niedriger Preis jedes Mal bei Lieferung
  • M****C
    Absolutely! There are many things in life (and advertising) that claim to be a ‘fabulous, timeless, classic’ but these beauties really are! Whether you polish them until they gleam like red gold or distress them to the point of tears, these really are the original - punk to funky, hippie dippie and all stops in between. Where would we be without ingenuity of newwaveboots
  • A**** 
  • Sa****en
    After a gap of 20 years I'm back into a pair of newwaveboots and I wish I hadn't waited, love them...
  • A****a
    At first at first I was worried because I seen all the reviews saying that they could be fake. Needless to say they are the real deal.
  • G****h
    5***** product,5**** delivery time and 5***** price.I know these are not Brittish made anymore, but they are an excellent substitute.Thankyou newwaveboots store.BUY!
  • Sc****FC
    Awesome boots
  • B****n
    All good
  • P****r
    Awesome!! Love these boots.
  • St****aw
    Ich habe immer ein Paar Newwaveboots geliebt und diese haben nicht enttäuscht, immer noch ein tolles Paar Stiefel
  • MR****ON
    Arrived in perfect condition,perfectly packed lookin sooo amazing. These were a gift for my brother in law.. that made him very,very happy. Also his first introduction with newwaveboots. I aam such a fan and enthusiast ofthis company, that I keep buying them for everybody because they are just missing out on greatness
  • D****n
    A great pair of boots, so far I have been wearing them daily for several months and they are holding up very well. I was worried after I found out they are no longer made in the UK, but I am pleased to say the quality of the boots is very high, they feel very sturdy and have already took a good share of abuse very well.
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